New Ford SUVs in Las Vegas, NV

Find a High Quality Ford SUV in Las Vegas

Here at Team Ford Lincoln, we pride ourselves on providing a wide variety of vehicles for a multitude of uses on the road. Many of our customers, throughout the Las Vegas area and beyond, are on the lookout for SUVs. Families, in particular, need these kinds of vehicles for their spaciousness, and their safety.

At our dealership, we have a wide selection of Ford SUVs for you to look through, test drive, and purchase for your needs on the road.

Ford Edge

The Ford Edge is a modern combination of sleek, aerodynamic design and stocky, resilient SUV artisanship. With the Ford Edge, you will have easy access to cutting-edge safety features, excellent performance capabilities, and plenty of comfortable space for you and your family.

Ford Escape

The Ford Escape has a reputation for being affordable, versatile, and spacious -- in other words, it is an excellent vehicle for families! With plenty of room on the inside, a plethora of capabilities under the hood, and a sleek, modern exterior design, this Ford vehicle is a beautiful blend of contemporary design and tried-and-true Ford artisanship.

Ford Expedition

The Ford Expedition is well known for its power, confidence, and spaciousness. Offering you expansive seating space, towing power, driving power, a chiseled, confident frame, and a multitude of cutting-edge features, this is an excellent driving option for families in need of a little extra something when it comes to their vehicle.

Ford Explorer

The Ford Explorer has been the #1 SUV for the past twenty-five years -- and for good reason! Offering a potent blend of rugged capability, interior spaciousness, sleek exterior design, and plenty of power, this is an SUV that will enhance you and your family's explorations for many years.

New Ford SUVs for Las Vegas Drivers

Whether you are seeking the highly versatile Ford Escape, or the larger and more spacious Ford Explorer, we have an SUV lineup built to impress here at Team Ford Lincoln.

What about the competition? Sure, other brands can put out nice SUVs, but the proof is in the pudding when you compare the Ford Escape and the Ford Explorer to the other guys. We know the power and high-quality of the inventory we serve, that's why we are more than confident when you place us against anyone else.

Our dealership has so many options when it comes to new Ford SUV vehicles in stock. Further, if you browse our used SUV page, you will find other brands and highly popular models at extremely competitive prices for even more benefit. No matter what your SUV goals are, you will find a total shopping experience here at Team Ford Lincoln.

Not just limited to inventory for our Las Vegas drivers, with our financing, specials, as well as parts & service, we deliver a comprehensive destination for all your automotive needs. We encourage you to stop by at your convenience, as we would love nothing more than to supply you with a spectacular Ford SUV.

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You should not have to make this decision alone. That is why our team of incredibly friendly automotive experts are always here for you whenever you need them.

If you are in need of a new vehicle, or if you would like to learn more about our selection of used Ford vehicles, we invite you to visit us at Team Ford Lincoln in Las Vegas, NV.

We proudly serve drivers throughout Las Vegas, North Las Vegas, and Pahrump.