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Summer has arrived, which can mean many things. Maybe your planning on making more long road trips or plan to spend more nights downtown near North Las Vegas, but one thing is certain, the heat brings the need for additional maintenance work on your vehicle so you can get where you need to go safely and efficiently. The cooler months require different kinds of services in comparison to warmer month maintenance, which is why it is important to schedule routine summer maintenance for your vehicle here at Team Ford Lincoln.

Summer Maintenance Tips

While the heat of the summer in Pahrump can take a toll on you at the time, it most certainly can affect your vehicle's operation. Extreme heat can cause your vehicle to overwork and push it past its limits if not properly maintained. When you are on your way to the water at the height of the season, you don't want to be stranded on the side of the road while everyone else is enjoying the sun.

Here are a few maintenance musts when getting your car, truck, or SUV prepped for summer.


Your battery works hard in the winter and hard in the summer to keep your vehicle moving forward.

In summary, the summer heat can harm your battery, so it is important to ensure it is working properly and isn't at risk for major build-up or corrosion. If your battery is older than three years old, it may be time to have it replaced altogether.


The cooler months can cause your brakes to wear down, rust, and erode. If your brakes feel like they aren't doing the trick, grinding, or squeaking, we encourage you to make an appointment to have them replaced.

We offer OEM brakes and brake pads for your vehicle so that you can enjoy maximum stopping power in Moapa.

Summer Tires

Winter tires and summer tires have some major differences and are designed to perform in either the heath or snow. If you still have winter tires on your vehicle or your all-season tires have worn down, consider a new set from our large inventory. Summer tires are engineered to hold up on the hot pavement and to withstand warmer weather. Also, ensure that your tire pressure is at the recommended level.


Fluids help to ensure that everything under the hood is clean and running smoothly. When your fluid levels are low, your engine can't run at full efficiency, which can heighten the possibility of overheating, especially during the summer. Your oil, transmission fluid, steering fluid, and brake fluids should all be topped off to the proper level.


If you've ever been driving in someone's car where there was no AC, you know that during the summer this can be the worst, so always make sure that your air-conditioning system is working and maintained properly. Your vehicle has a cabin filter that filters in the cool air through the AC system, you'll also want to ensure that it is clean so the air you are breathing within the cabin isn't littered with dirt and other harmful particles.

Being Prepared

In the event that your vehicle does break down, be sure that you are properly prepared with the right tools. We recommend always having an emergency kit, water, flashlights, batteries, jumper cables, and road flairs at the bare minimum.

Team Ford Lincoln has a team of trained professionals to take care of all your summer maintenance in our state-of-the-art service facility. Give us a call or email us to make an appointment at a time that works for you.

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