Ford Motor Company's success is largely the result of our special relationship with our partner organizations. In appreciation, the X-Plan Partner Recognition program offers you exclusive savings on eligible New Ford & Lincoln vehicles.

Benefits of X-Plan Pricing

1. You pay one low price set by Ford-no negotiating
2. You pay a reduced Documentation Fee
3. X-Plan Pricing is in addition to most other publicly offered programs

Team Ford Lincoln is your Preferred X-Plan Partner Recognition Dealer

To take advantage of X-Plan Pricing just follow these simple steps:

1. Visit or
2. Select your New Ford or Lincoln vehicle
3. Note you are a X-Plan Customer with (Company Name).

You will receive your X-Plan Price Quote with current eligible incentives and an invitation to test drive your new vehicle. Once an appointment is confirmed your assigned product specialist will introduce themselves and locate your vehicle on the lot before you arrive. If you have any questions you can speak to one of Team's Internet Sales & Leasing Coordinators at (702)395-5170.

Partners Program Form

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