Latest Bronco News

1. The Build and Price feature on the Ford website is live!

our recommendation to you is that you spend some time on the website configuring your new Bronco so you have a good idea of which options you will be selecting and their availability and cost. This is a great time as well to look at different exterior and interior color combinations as well as options and packages. You can also print your Build and Price vehicles for reference when it's time to order your vehicle. 

Keep in mind, even though you may have reserved a Badlands Bronco for example, you will still be able to change to other Bronco models as well as from 2 to 4 door and vice versa. The only Bronco vehicle that is currently restricted is the First Edition model. You must be a reservation holder for a First Edition to receive a First Edition order allocation.

2. Order Your Bronco

This is when you should be completely ready to move forward with placing your actual vehicle order with Team Ford Lincoln. Final color choices and options must be selected at that time and the order will be placed. 

Dealership allocations for 2021 Bronco are based on reservations being converted to orders. Ford Motor Company will be doing its best to build the all new Ford Bronco in the order they were reserved at the dealership. It is imperative that you get your reservation converted to an order as soon as possible so that your place in the reservation list is not passed over waiting for your build information and order confirmation. 

Order from us Here: 

***If you have converted your Bronco reservation to an order, Ford will be sending you an order update in May, 2021**

3. National automotive publications state demand for 2021 Ford Bronco is far outpacing supply nationally.

Ford has committed to being completely transparent in the Order to Delivery process. Once your order is placed, you can expect relevant updates from Ford and Team Ford Lincoln about your vehicle along the way. Because of this, and the fact that the 2021 model year Bronco is expected to be short to due production timing, some customers may in fact receive a 2022 model year vehicle. 

Again, it is imperative to get your order placed as soon as possible so Team Ford Lincoln receives as many Bronco allocations as possible to fulfill our reservation holder lists. 

Thank you for your continued interest in the all new Ford Bronco! Should you have any questions, please feel free to reach out to our team of Bronco Specialists.