These are unprecedented times. As a nation, many of us have never experienced a situation like this current worldwide pandemic. Many of you are changing the way you live your lives in Moapa and North Las Vegas. Team Ford Lincoln is changing the way we do business as well. We are making it easier for you to find the right car, truck, or SUV you need without putting your health at risk.

Team Ford Lincoln understands you are a vital part of keeping Las Vegas running. You need a vehicle as reliable as you are. Your search starts online with the digital retailing tools from Team Ford Lincoln. No sense in taking unnecessary risks, just to find the right car for you. One thing that hasn't changed is your access to our incredible selection of new Ford and Lincoln models waiting to find a good home. Few dealerships in Las Vegas offer the amount of inventory you'll find at Team Ford Lincoln. Search for the exact vehicle you are looking for by narrowing your search by:

  • Body Style
  • Specific Trim Level
  • Body Color
  • Desired Features
  • Added Packages
  • And Price Point

With nearly 700 different makes, models, and styles, you are bound to find the exact vehicle you have dreamed about. What if you aren't confident about this near-perfect model? You don't want to drive around Pahrump in a vehicle you don't truly love. Find out how it rates to its competition when it comes down to features, performance, and even price. We encourage you to read up and see how your favorite models match up against its peers in our research section.

Still not convinced? It sounds like you may need a test drive. Let us take care of that. Call us to set up a test drive, and we will bring the Ford or Lincoln you have your eye on, directly to you. No need to make your way to Team Ford Lincoln, search us out and try to locate the one you wanted. We'll bring you a deep-cleaned model to let you take for a spin around the neighborhood. No sense buying a car you don't feel comfortable with. Of course, we are still here if you have questions or need a quote on your favorite model.

So, what is the next step? Perhaps you want to trade-in your current vehicle. No problem. You can find the value of your trade on our site. Simply input the pertinent information, and you'll get a best-guess of what it will be worth. When you are ready to make a deal, we'll give it a thorough inspection and get you the best value. We even make the financing process easy, with our credit pre-approval application. Fill it out, and you'll have your choice of budget-friendly lending options.

Congratulations, you are on your way to driving a new Ford or Lincoln in Las Vegas. The last step is checking to see if you qualify for home delivery of your new car, truck or SUV. Give Team Ford Lincoln a call, and we'll set you up.

The Ford Advantage

Ford understands this can be a tough time for many of our drivers. That is why it wants to lend a hand. When you buy a new Ford, Team Ford Lincoln will defer your first three months of payments and make three "peace of mind" payments up to six months. If the current climate is affecting you, and you are applying for leasing of financing through Ford Credit, Ford is offering credit assistance as well. It is Ford's way of making sure we all get through this worldwide crisis together.

Don't put your life on the line, just to try and make it through the week. When a new vehicle is at the top of your current needs, start with the team in Las Vegas at Team Ford Lincoln. We are here to help you.

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