Get the Most Out of Your Ford Vehicle with FordPass SmartLink

Do you want to enhance your daily commute around Las Vegas, Pahrump and the surrounding areas? If so, FordPass SmartLink makes it easy. Now you are able to add connectivity features to your 2010-2018 Ford including mobile 4G WiFi, remote unlock and start, and advanced security features. Trust us, you’re not going to want to miss out on an opportunity to utilize FordPass SmartLink!

The best part about FordPass SmartLink is that you don’t need to purchase a brand-new Ford to have the latest technology equipped with your Ford F-150, Fusion, or Escape. You can keep the 2010-2018 Ford that you’re currently driving and upgrade it to all the features that will keep you connected at all times.

Some of these features include:

Remote vehicle controls that let you start, lock and unlock your car straight from your phone.

Vehicle location assistance will set speed and geo fence alerts. Plus, this feature will locate your vehicle if you’re trying to find a family member or a driver in your fleet around Kennewick.

Keep in touch with your vehicle by receiving notifications on everything you need such as Vehicle Health Alerts.

Whether you live near Las Vegas and Pahrump, we’d be more than happy to go over some more benefits about FordPass SmartLink. Make your way down to Team Ford Lincoln for a test drive or to learn more about FordPass SmartLink. We can’t wait to meet you soon!

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