The 2018 Ford Escape has an invisible secret


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Downtown Las Vegas is great, but if you're looking to go on a quick adventure into the canyons then the 2018 Ford Escape is up for the trip! This crossover, which is perfectly sized to maneuver busy city streets, is still large enough to comfortably haul the gear and people necessary for an afternoon hike or long weekend of camping.


One feature we love on select Escape trims is the SecuriCode™ invisible key pad. If you remember, older Ford models had this as well. The key pad was undoubtedly useful but really stuck out. Not only was it not the sleekest aesthetically, but in a way it also said "Hey, my keys might be in here!", which to the wrong person could tempting challenge.

A few years back Ford fixed that by changing the keypad buttons to a touchscreen that's nearly invisible on the door.

This feature is especially useful if you're out in nature, on a run, or even going to concert. You don't have to lug around your keys and possibly drop them, but it's much more secure than leaving them in the wheel wells like some people do. Now you can go camping without checking your bag a hundred trims to make sure you didn't drop the keys a few miles back!

There's a lot more the Ford Escape has going for it, but we love these nifty technologies that you aren't likely to find with other brands.

For more information, or to go on a test drive and check out the SecuriCode pad in person, visit us at Team Ford Lincoln!

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